VICE Does America


The VICELAND show VICE Does America follows Wilbert L. Cooper, Abdullah Saeed, and Martina de Alba as they drive through the heart of America to find out what the hell is going on in the run up to the 2016 election.

 These three knuckleheads  drive in a shitty-ass RV from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. Over 30 days of traveling, going through nearly as many states, they come across porn stars, pot heads, gun-toting militia men, protesting Native Americans, the remains of deceased Mexican migrants, Creationist scientists, an African king, and pompous presidential candidates.


Wilbert, Abdullah, and Martina visit an African village in South Carolina and Wilbert is given a new, African name after being baptized in the waters of his ancestors. 


Wilbert wins a hog calling competition during the Iowa State Fair thanks to his unorthodox technique. 


Wilbert participates in a Civil War reenactment in Jacksonville, AL, where it's clear these guys aren't just fans of history.